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If a novice starts with tournament-backgammon, there are a lot of new things. Therefore we would like to give novices an experienced player to his side to support him at his first steps.


Tournament Calendar

01.02. DBIM 2017
21.03. 1. FOUR S., SPRING CUP
21.06. 1. FOUR S., SOMMER CUP
22.09. 1. FOUR S., AUTUMN CUP
21.12. 2. FOUR S., WINTER CUP


1. Four Seasons, Winter Cup, has ended.

Now we have a winner in all classes and the lottery. The placed participants were published in the tournament winners list. (16.06.2017 )

Martin Birkhahn-Remembrance-Tournament

The tournament was started with 51 participants from 10 countrys. Immediatly after tournament start Martins Gammonerboard was sold by auction for an amount of 1.000 € to the Deutsche Krebshilfe by Fred Brendler. (16.06.2017 )

New announcement: 1. Four Seasons, Summer Cup

The third part of the new series was announced. (20.05.2017 )

New announcement: Martin Birkhahn-Remembrance-Tournament

The tournament is organized in remembrance to Martin Birkhahn. In february Martin died of cancer as as a joung man. Martins family commited us his backgammon-estate with the requirement to use it reasonable. With this tournament the estate, comprising 26 books and magazins, two boards, one clock and equipment to record matches, will be distributed as material prices. Furthermore only participants of this tournament are entitled to buy Martins Gammoner-Board by auction. The income from entryfees and auction - less disbursements for mail-order - will be completely donated to Deutsche Krebshilfe e. V. (German Institut for medical care of cancer sufferer and cancer research). (18.05.2017 )

New announcement: 1. Four Seasons, Spring Cup

The second part of the new series was announced. (05.03.2017 )

3. Crazy Christmas has ended.

The 3. Crazy Christmas consisted of two tournaments: Santa and Ruprecht.

At the tournament Santa, where 5pointer were to play, Zdenek Zizka defeated in the final Franco Tosin. The 3rd place in the small final got Andreas Hofmann.

At the tournament Ruprecht the participants had to lose there 1pointer. Till the end without a win Andreas Faulstich won the tournament. Peter Haßelberg got the 2nd place and Rodryk Schönfeld the 3rd place. (01.02.2017 )

German Championship 2017 - Start of the tournament

At this year's German Internet Championship 84 registrations were considered. 5 of the 84 participants play 2017 for the first time in EBIF Germany tournaments. 10 women are fighting for the Ladys Prize. At the beginning of each month two new rounds will be drawn. At the end of september after 16 rounds we will have a new German Internet-Champion. (27.01.2017 )