FOUR SEASONS, CUP incl. side event LOTTERY

This tournament is open to all players regardless of their nationality or main residence. All information are in English and German language. Participants outside Europe should be account to play at European times. Registration is possible until 19.09.2020 for registered members of EBIF Germany after login in the area MY EBIF - NEW TOURNAMENTS. Unless specified otherwise the tournament rules for EBIF Germany applies.

With their registration participants may choose to play in either the expert, advanced or intermediate class. Depending on a player's expected average performance rate (PR) the following restrictions apply:

  • Participants with a PR lower 7,5 have to play in the expert class.
  • Participants with a PR lower 12,5 chooses to play in the expert or advanced class.
  • Participants with a PR of 12,5 or higher chooses to play in the expert, advanced or intermediate class.
It is the participant's responsibility to choose the appropriate playing class. In accordance with the tournament rules, the participant will be automatically disqualified if his results in this and other tournaments fall below the PR.

Where to play
In general matches have to be played at GridGammon. Participants without an account at GridGammon may ask for registration at

Format for CUP-Tournaments
All matches have to be played in triple-KO-format to 11 matchpoints. Detailed information about this format you can find here.

Format for LOTTERY-Tournament
All matches have to be played in single-KO-format to 5 matchpoints. The Pairings will be drawn randomly with all participants of the CUP-tournaments of each classes.

The participants get 3 points for each win at the CUP-tournaments and 2 points for each win in the LOTTERY-tournaments. After ending of the CUP- and LOTTERY-tournaments of a season the 8 participants with the most points of each class are qualified for the the FOUR SEASONS CHAMPIONSHIP expert, advanced or intermediate (3 tournaments). At equal points the following participants are qualified too.

If a participant changed his class while the series, for the FOUR SEASONS CHAMPIONSHIP he will be counted only in the highest class he played. His victories from CUP-tournaments in lower classes will count one point less for each class. The current ranking is published at Ranking FOUR SEASONS.

All matches have to be played in single-KO-format to 11 matchpoints. Qualified participants will be set accordingly to their points (1st against 8th, ...). If there are additional qualified participants because of equal points, the lastplaced participants will be set in a pre-round. Tiebreaker for setting will be the EBIF Deuschland-PR at the last 25 matches in the Logo XG-Ranking at the time of drawing.

The tournament will start a few days after registration closing. For the simultaneously played rounds 1-3 at the CUP-tournaments there will be a minimum 4 weeks, for the subsequent rounds and the rounds of the LOTTERY- and FOUR SEASONS CHAMPIONSHIP there will be a minimum of 2 weeks to play your matches. The duration of the tournament will depend on the number of participants.

Please e-mail your questions to the tournament direction.