Galaxy Cup

The Galaxy Cup is a joint tournament of EBIF Germany and Dirk Schiemann.

The tournament is open to all players, regardless of their nationality or main residence. Registration is possible until 30.04.2019 for registered members of EBIF Germany after login in the area MY EBIF - NEW TOURNAMENTS. At the latest with joining the tournament the nickname for Backgammon Galaxy is to be supplemented in the area MY EBIF - MY DATA.

The tourney is open for participants of all classes.

Where to play
The pairings have to be played exclusively at Backgammon Galaxy.

The tournament will be played in a simple KO system. The pairings will be randomly drawn. All games will be played on 11 points. For each match there is to use the clock in mode 'normal' (1 minute per point + 10 seconds per move).

Please note that if the Internet connection is interrupted, the clock will continue to run. It is possible that the player whose connection has been interrupted loses the match due to the lapse of time. Each player bears the responsibility and the consequences for his internet connection.

The players report the result with the result form on the EBIF website. The matchfiles are to be attached, are analysed and the results are published on the website. In addition, the tournament rules for EBIF Germany apply.

The tournament starts on 01.05.2019. Each round should be played in 2 weeks. The pairings will be set immediately by the tournament administration as soon as both participants are determined for the next pairing.

Questions about the tournament please send by mail to the tournament director.

Help for participation:
You are not registered at EBIF Germany:
1. Sign in at Backgammon Galaxy.
2. Sign in at EBIF Deutschland
3. Confirm your mail-address, wait for credentials.
4. Login at EBIF Deutschland.
5. Choose MY EBIF - NEW TOURNAMENTS, join.

You are registered at EBIF Germany:
1. Sign in at Backgammon Galaxy.
2. Login at EBIF Deutschland.
3. Choose MY EBIF - MY DATA, add your Galaxy-nickname.
4. Choose MY EBIF - NEW TOURNAMENTS, join.