The tournament committee selects monthly remarkable matches and gives you a complete view. The complete match can be viewed by clicking the PR.
Date Pairing Result PR
01/2020Flag Czech Jan Cerny-Flag Germany Philipp Heyng1:0(3,00:2,34)
12/2019Flag Germany Sebastian Müller-Flag Germany Torsten Lux0:1(3,86:3,11)
11/2019Flag Greece Michail Proukakis-Flag Germany Oliver Hauk0:1(2,08:0,50)
10/2019Flag Germany Cornelia Cleemann-Flag Germany Jürgen Feiler1:0(1,29:1,92)
09/2019Flag Czech Jan Cerny-Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann1:0(3,65:2,49)
08/2019Flag Germany Antje Merce-Flag Germany Jens Averkamp-Peters1:0(4,30:0,07)
07/2019Flag Germany Nelu Merce-Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann1:0(2,18:3,18)
06/2019Flag Germany Fazli Güclü-Flag Germany Marcel Geist1:0(4,38:3,53)
05/2019Flag Germany Can Iskender-Flag Israel Adam Prager0:1(2,09:2,54)
04/2019Flag Germany Bernd Schmidt-Flag Austria Friedrich Rattinger0:1(2,78:2,69)
03/2019Flag United States Shlomo Karbal-Flag Germany Martin Reisloh1:0(2,39:3,39)
02/2019Flag Germany Thomas Dettler-Flag France Minh Nguyen1:0(4,68:1,70)
01/2019Flag Great Britain Leo Waters-Flag Czech Eva Zizkova1:0(1,72:3,81)
12/2018Flag France Minh Nguyen-Flag Germany Volker Schneider1:0(3,26:1,72)
11/2018Flag Germany Markus Klein-Flag Great Britain Leo Waters0:1(3,57:1,97)
10/2018Flag Germany Fazli Güclü-Flag Croatia Kristijan Culjat1:0(1,96:2,45)
09/2018Flag Israel Adam Prager-Flag Germany Heribert Lindner1:0(3,21:4,01)
08/2018Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann-Flag Israel Yuval Shagar0:1(2,64:3,47)
07/2018Flag Austria Friedrich Rattinger-Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka0:1(1,33:2,42)
06/2018Flag Israel Adam Prager-Flag Germany Dierk Deuser0:1(4,21:1,74)
05/2018Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann-Flag Germany Dirk Schiemann1:0(4,11:2,23)
04/2018Flag Germany Markus Klein-Flag Czech Eva Zizkova0:1(1,80:4,46)
03/2018Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka-Flag Germany Peter Haßelberg0:1(2,59:2,06)
02/2018Flag Germany Philipp Heyng-Flag Germany Fazli Güclü1:0(4,09:3,88)
01/2018Flag Great Britain Leo Waters-Flag Greece Mimis Tsakoniatis1:0(2,03:3,61)
12/2017Flag Greece Mimis Tsakoniatis-Flag Germany Markus Klein0:1(2,96:2,15)
11/2017Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka-Flag Germany Marcel Jochem1:0(3,24:3,13)
10/2017Flag Germany Veit Netz-Flag Germany Rolf Schüler0:1(2,67:2,45)
09/2017Flag Austria Friedrich Rattinger-Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka0:1(2,63:1,66)
08/2017Flag Germany Maik Stiebler-Flag Germany Volker Sonnabend0:1(4,66:1,42)
07/2017Flag Germany Marcel Jochem-Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann1:0(2,67:2,52)
06/2017Flag Germany Rolf Schüler-Flag Poland Jacek Wojciechowski0:1(2,93:2,36)
05/2017Flag Germany Philipp Heyng-Flag Germany Marcel Jochem1:0(3,27:2,57)
04/2017Flag Germany Manfred Reiner-Flag Germany Artur Barth1:0(4,66:0,96)
03/2017Flag Poland Karol Szczerek-Flag Germany Peter Haßelberg0:1(2,31:2,56)
02/2017Flag Poland Jacek Wojciechowski-Flag Austria Peter Urbantschitsch0:1(4,12:3,95)
01/2017Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann-Flag Czech Eva Zizkova1:0(2,56:2,91)
12/2016Flag Czech Eva Zizkova-Flag Germany Markus Klein0:1(3,90:2,98)
11/2016Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka-Flag Poland Karol Szczerek1:0(2,54:1,96)
10/2016Flag Great Britain Leo Waters-Flag Germany Boris Alexander Naumann1:0(4,16:1,88)
09/2016Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka-Flag Great Britain Leo Waters1:0(1,70:3,00)
08/2016Flag Israel Adam Prager-Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka1:0(3,98:2,26)
07/2016Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka-Flag Germany Michael Horchler1:0(3,04:4,53)
06/2016Flag Great Britain Leo Waters-Flag Austria Friedrich Rattinger1:0(2,64:3,23)
05/2016Flag Germany Guido Hehmann-Flag Germany Uwe Wirtz1:0(5,34:1,85)
04/2016Flag Germany Volker Sonnabend-Flag Germany Boris Alexander Naumann1:0(4,02:2,71)
03/2016Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka-Flag Germany Maik Stiebler1:0(2,49:3,91)
02/2016Flag Germany Marcel Jochem-Flag Poland Karol Szczerek0:1(3,68:2,95)
01/2016Flag Great Britain Leo Waters-Flag Germany Markus Klein0:1(3,15:2,33)
12/2015Flag Czech Eva Zizkova-Flag Austria Friedrich Rattinger0:1(2,50:2,15)
11/2015Flag Poland Jacek Wojciechowski-Flag Germany Maik Stiebler0:1(3,35:3,25)
10/2015Flag Poland Jacek Wojciechowski-Flag Germany Marcel Jochem1:0(6,59:2,61)
09/2015Flag Germany Markus Klein-Flag Poland Jacek Wojciechowski1:0(3,65:2,35)
08/2015Flag Germany Peter Haßelberg-Flag Austria Friedrich Rattinger0:1(3,61:3,43)
07/2015Flag Germany Christian Fix-Flag Germany Marcel Jochem0:1(5,27:2,70)
06/2015Flag Germany Igor Kaplanski-Flag Germany Frank Simon0:1(3,52:2,87)
05/2015Flag Germany Frank Simon-Flag Germany Markus Klein0:1(3,02:2,77)
04/2015Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann-Flag Germany Peter Haßelberg1:0(3,66:4,16)
03/2015Flag Germany Volker Sonnabend-Flag Germany Frank Simon0:1(2,01:1,98)
02/2015Flag Germany Frank Simon-Flag Germany Martin Birkhahn †1:0(2,82:3,63)
12/2014Flag Germany Andreas Hofmann-Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka0:1(2,30:3,01)
11/2014Flag Germany Marcel Jochem-Flag Germany Dankwart Plattner1:0(4,31:4,41)
10/2014Flag Czech Zdenek Zizka-Flag Germany Julian Becker0:1(3,47:2,77)
09/2014Flag Germany Dirk Jansen-Flag Germany Peter Haßelberg1:0(3,64:4,09)
08/2014Flag Germany Markus Klein-Flag Germany Matthias Krings0:1(3,84:5,17)
07/2014Flag Germany Frank Simon-Flag Germany Martin Birkhahn †0:1(2,99:3,05)
06/2014Flag Germany Igor Kaplanski-Flag Germany Marcel Jochem1:0(1,75:3,80)
05/2014Flag Germany Bertram Wild-Flag Germany Volker Sonnabend0:1(2,69:2,60)
04/2014Flag Germany Rodryk Schönfeld-Flag Germany Stephan Gumpert0:1(3,34:4,16)
03/2014Flag Germany Tilman Söhnchen-Flag Germany Martin Birkhahn †1:0(3,42:4,25)
02/2014Flag Germany Yannick Rudolph-Flag Germany Jürgen Hegele1:0(3,73:2,35)
01/2014Flag Germany Julian Becker-Flag Germany Hardy Hübener1:0(4,14:3,93)
12/2013Flag Germany Igor Kaplanski-Flag Germany Thomas Mathes1:0(5,38:4,17)
11/2013Flag Germany Frank Simon-Flag Germany Julian Becker1:0(3,57:3,18)
10/2013Flag Germany Marcel Jochem-Flag Czech Jan Cerny0:1(4,21:2,13)
09/2013Flag Germany Volker Sonnabend-Flag Germany Frank Simon1:0(2,91:5,58)
08/2013Flag Germany Sebastian Kreyerhoff-Flag Germany Ulrich Roth0:1(4,43:4,81)
07/2013Flag Germany Christian Ahlborn-Flag Germany Jürgen Hegele0:1(3,02:2,09)
06/2013Flag Germany Athanasios Lagopatis-Flag Germany Hardy Hübener1:0(3,58:6,75)
05/2013Flag Germany Markus Klein-Flag Germany Frank Simon0:1(4,03:2,84)
04/2013Flag Germany Dirk Jansen-Flag Germany Marion Weeber0:1(1,73:3,41)